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⁊ after to glastinburi . seint Dunston wende
Abbot he was þer mad . his lif to amende .
And for he nulte bus wille . no time idel beo
A peneance bi his celle . he gan him biseo .
Whanne he moste of hise orisons . reste for werinesse
To werke he wolte is honden do . to vleo idelnesse .
Serue he wolde pore men . while he miȝte dure
[.]ltni vor þe loue of god . kepte non oþer hure .
Whanne he sat at is werke . his honden at is dede
His herte was on ihus crist . his mouþ is bedes sede .
So þat at one time . he was at þreo dedes
His honden at werk . his herte at god . is mouþ bad is betes .
þer vore þe deuel to him . envie hedde an onde
A time he com is celle . alone him to fonde .
Riȝt as þe sonne ȝrode a doun . as he a womon were
And spak wiþ him of is werk . wiþ [..]ge chere.
Heo seide þat heo hedde wiþ him . gret werk to done
Truflinge heo sinot . in to anoþer tale sone .
þis holimon wondrede . if heo was her ⁊ þere
He sat longe in þouȝte . narwe who it were .
þo he þouȝte who it was . he drow ner is tonge
Ande lede it in þe hote . and sperk faire longe .
Vorte þe tonge was ofure . and suþþe stille inow
þe deuel he hente bi þe nose . ⁊ wel faste drow .
þe deuel wrickede her ⁊ þe . he huld euere faste .
Heo ȝal ⁊ hupte aboute . ⁊ made grisli bere
Heo nolte vor al þe biȝete . heo beo hedde icome þere .
Wiþ þe tonge euer he hild . and awende so soȝe
Vorte it was wiþinne niȝt . þat he ne miȝte so namore
þe schre was well bliþe . þo heo was out of is honde
Heo gradde as heo vleiȝ . þat me herde al ȝend þe londe .
Out what haþ þis calwe ido . what haþ þis calwe ido
In al þe contrei me herde wide . how he grade so .
As god hire ibeo . isuntȝ atom hiþer nose
Al nolte namore þider go . to telen hire of þe pose .

¶ þis holi abbot se[…] Dunston . hadde gret power
Wiþ king Edmund þat was . he was is conseller .
After king edmund[.] dey . a gode while þer was agon
þer Edwine is sone was king . ac not after e drow .
þis edwine had[..] euel red . ⁊ þere after e drow .
Wiþ Seint Dunston he was wroþ . siker mid gret w[..]w .
Het wende so hi[.] nose . þat þe fuir out blaste .

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