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Of is Abbe he dude him out . And dude him schame inow
þe more wo þat he him dude . þe more þe gode mon loue .
He drof him out of engelonde . ⁊ let him crie fleme
þis gode mon wende forþ glad . ne tok he neil ȝeme
To þe abbei of seint amaunt . biȝende see he drow .
And soiornede þere longe . ⁊ ladde god lif mow .
After king edwines dey . Edgar þat was is broþer
Was mad king for he was . ner þan ani oþer .
Swiþe god mon he bicom . ⁊ louede welll holichirche
Ech man þat him þer to radde . after him he gan wurche .
Me tolde him of seint Dunston . þat is broþer drof of londe
Wiþ unriȝt for is godnesse . he bigan him vunderstonde .
After him he sende anon . þat he come aȝen sone
And bileueded is conseler . of þat he hedde to done .
Sone Dunston com aȝen . and faire was vnerfonge
And ladde is abbei in pes . vrom wham e was so longe .
Wiþ þe king he was wel . and was is conseiler
Muche me spak of his godnesse . love fer and ner .
Hit befel þat þe bischop . of wircestre was ded
þe king ⁊ þe erchebischop . þat of nomen red .
And þe holi seint Dunston . bischop þei maden þere
To maken him herre in godes lawe. his witte þeiȝ it nere .
Somme aftere þe erchbischop . cantelbiri [.]i[.] eode
Whi made he Dunston bischop . ⁊ whi is grace were so gode .
Vor he schal quoþ þis gode mon . After me here bee
Erchebischop of cantelburi . ⁊ þat me schal iseo .
What wottou þis oþer seide . þat spekest folliche iwis
[.]ostou nanmore þan þi fot . uvpone god al it is .
Leue frend quod þis gode mon . ne blameþ me nouȝt
Wel isch ot what ihus crist . to mi mouþ haþ brouȝt .
As whose seiþ of þat þing . þat he haþ to me sed
Telle ich may þe[.]h[.]t bifalle . after ich am dede .
Bischop he was of londone . seint Dunston suþþe also
Of londone ⁊ of wircestre . he huld boþ to .
Hit bifel seþþe . þat þe erchebischop eode was ded
þe pope ⁊ þe king edgar . þerof nomen red .
Heo maden þe gode seint Dunston . erchebischop þere
Gode men þat him knewe . wel glade þerof were .
Cristendom in engelond . to god that he drow
And þe riȝtes of holichirche . huld vp vaste inow .

¶ He ordeinede þorw al enelonde . þat ech person scholde chese
To witen him from lecherie . oþerr his chirche lese .

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