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Seint Aþeliwold was þat time . bischop of winchestre
And seint Osewold þe gode mon . bischop of Wircestre .
þese twe[.]e and seint Dunston . weren alle at o rede
And edgar þe gode king . to [..]n þis holi dede .
þese þreo bischopes wenden . þorw al engelonde
Ech luþer person heo casten oute . hem ne miȝte non astonte .
Heore churchen and hereer god . clanliche hem binome
And setten yn gode men . þorw popes graunt at rome .
Eiȝte and fourti abbeis . of monkes ⁊ of nonne
Heo arereden in engelonde . mid tresor þat heo so wonne .
And so it was let iset . þan in main schrewe
Whan gode men mastres beþ . som god heo wolleþ schewe .
Gode were þe bischopes þreo . þat at ouine were þo
þe bet is engelonde for hem . ⁊ worþ euermo [.]

¶ Oure lord ȝaf on erþe . seint dunston vaire grace
þat at o time he was . in a priue place
His fader and is moder . in þe ioie of heuene anheiȝ
After þat heo dede were . ap[..]piteliche he seiȝ
Gret loue our him cudde . þat he him schewede þere
So muche of is priuetes . while he alive were .

¶ As he lay anoþer time . in his rest aniȝt
He sen þe ioie of heuene . ⁊ þe place so liȝt .
Angles he herde singe . a muri song þereinne .
þat [..] singeþ in holi chirche . whan þe masse dey biginne .
Kyrieleison xpeleison . was þe mirrie song
þis holi mon þat þis herde þouȝte noþing long .
Wel auȝte he to heuene come . at is ende day
Whanne he þe while he liuede . so munche of heuene say .

¶ Harpe he louede wel . of harpe he couþe mow
A day he sat in his solas . ⁊ alay þerinne drow .
þe harpe he heng oupe wow . þo hit was time to ete
þo it was al ȝare þerto . he sat doun to þe mete .
Of heuene he gan þenche . of ioie þat was þere
And of grete blisse . þer is among soules þat þere were .
He sat as he were nome . so muche þeron he þouȝte
His harpe þat þer heng . Of who in lute erouȝte
Si[..]an to cuþen is þouȝt . ded treo þeiȝ it were
As our lordes wille was . as herden alle þo þere.
Al bi himself it harpede . a meri song iwis
þat me singeþ in holi chirche . an englis is þis .
¶ Halen in soulen glade beþ . þat iheuene beþ ido
[.]iweþ oure lordes wey . ⁊ vor him ischedden also.

{¶ Gaudem
in celis}

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