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Here blod vor is loue . þer fore heo schullen wone
And kinges beo wiþouten ende . wiþ ihus godes sone .
þis antempne þat murri is . þe volk heiren alle
þe harpe song bi hym self . as it heng bi þe walle .
Vair grace oure lord schewede […]han þe dede treo
So loude song of þat ioie . þat he scholde ynne beo .
Lord hered b{.}o þi grace . and þi miȝte also
þat þu wost for him on erþe. such m[…]cle do .
þo þis gode mon hedde liued . on erþe moni a day
And is deþ was neiȝ come . as he himself say .
On holi þorsday he worþ sek . as it fel in þe ȝere
He lette of sende is freindes . þat speciales to him were .
And is men þat him seruete . he let clepie also
And forȝaf hem al here trespas . þat heo hedden misdo .
He asoilete hem alle þer . as he in bences lay
And so he lay at þat time . ⁊ also þe vriday .
He let clepie þe saterday . þe frieres bifore him alle .
And bad hem habbe goday . ⁊ seide what scholde bifalle .
And let to is riȝtes . ⁊ oure lordes vlesch nom .
His soule wente out of þe world . ⁊ sone to heuene com .
[.] nene hundred ȝer ⁊ four score . ⁊ in þe el[.]teþe ȝere
He deiȝe[.] after þan oure ledi > or lord on erþe bere .
Now swete lord seint Dunston . þat oure erchebisichop were
Bring vs to þat ioie . þat angles þi soule to bere . Amen .

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