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{Crux} {Dun stan .}

SEint Dunstan was of Engelonde · y come of gode more
Miracle oure louird dude vor him · ar he were ybore .
Vor he was in is modir wombe · acandel masse day .
Þet volke was at churche þikke · as it vel to þilke day .
¶ As hij stode alle wiþ hore liȝt · as me deþ ȝut ynou .
Hore liȝt queinte ouereal · þai ne wiste hou .
Here riȝt it barne swyþe wel · ⁊ here riȝt was oute .
Þat volke stode in gret wondir . ⁊ were in gret doute .
And bi speke ouereche to oþir in woche manere it were .
Þat it queynte so sodeinliche þat liȝt þat hij bere .
As hij stode ⁊ speke her of in gret wondir echon .
Seint Dunstanes modir tapir . afure were anon .
Þat ȝeo helde þere in hire honde · ȝe nuste wan it com
Þat volke stode ⁊ þus by helde . ⁊ gret wondir þer of nom .
Ne noman nuste wan it com . bote þorȝ godis grace .
Þer of hir tende al hore liȝt . about in þe place .
{hou þat þair lyt come oro sone oute}

Notes and Questions

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- I seem to be getting my lowercase vs and fs confused, and I'm also unsure about what appears to be a capital G (which I think is likely a capital V or F).
- I need to go back and figure out the TEI coding for these marginal words and images.


Update: I'm having trouble using the ⁊ sign in the transcription area; and so I'll use a 7 as a temporary replacement.

Marie Richards

What I did was that first I finished the whole text and then I migrated it to a Word doc (or Google doc) and did a universal replace. Then I patched it back in.

Marie Richards

I think deletions, like the deleted line, are just marked . There's a button at the top that will do it for you.


If the Tironian note is showing up as a rectangle in the transcription window, I believe that is only because of the font and/or the From the Page framework. It will still function correctly even if it looks that way.