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{Probably says "In"}? þe londe of constantyne þe nobil ⹎ a giewe sumtyme was
? a chirche hym ⹎ delf alon as ht fol ⹎ bi cas
?s stode 7 beheld þe rode 7 crist for to schend
e thoȝt to do þe rode schome or any mo[re] cou i[t] wende.
n þe throte wt a sworde he smote þe swete rode.
?t hit spronge on hym [?] brode þat al ⹎ was on blode.
?e[?] drede þe schrew of cristen men lest any come at þs laste
þe rode he ba[r]e a no[ne] away 7 in a deþe put hit caste
And ran hym self for drede a cristen man he met
þat beheld hou he was blod 7 fast on hy[m] set
Schew he said quer ha[s] y[?] bene qwo had þ[?] b?ȝt of daw.
Þou schalt abide here wit me 7 be hongst or to draw
I haue done q[o]d þis oþer no more bot gode
þou lighes loude qod þater 7 þat sche[??] þat blode
[???] mercy qod þis oþer to doth I now se
þat cristen me[nnis] god is mi?h nou her þer may be
So w[?]t me quat ȝe wil ⹎ for [?]er[?]et I haf wis
for a rode I gaf a deþe wounde 7 he bled on me þis
And I hym cast in a foule pit for men ne schuld co[?] hym to
And I ȝon alsche cristendome or I to doth go
cristen men þat þis herd þere of were bolde
þai wenton forth 7 founde[?] þe rode as þe gi[e]w h[e]m tolde.
þai welschon ⹎ þat h[a]þ 7 setton ⹎ aȝain as he had or do
7 ȝet is þe wounde seȝen in þe throte 7 ou[r] wil ⹎ be so
þe volk þat hym hade smyten (ink stain) cristent was sone
?nd gode life lad ⹎ as hit fel ⹎ a cristent mon to done
? cristen mon þere was in þe londe of s[ythy]ne
a lade he had in his house þere on ofte to cryne
hit befel ⹎ at his t[?]e day þat he went to anoþer [?]ne
Anon þe rode was founden ⹎ þe iews al h[?]t nome
[?] ladden h[i]t forth to hove s[in]agog[e] as þai lad crist to his dome
[?] spitten on hit 7 bulfet al[?] 7 ofte don[?] h[i]t cast.
[?] þo liȝt [d]i[de] þai s[mi]tten a stere deþe in at þo laste.
[??] blode spronge out wit gret strem[?] þen wer þai a gaste
[?}d ȝet þe schr[e]ws sthofe[n] þat stere in ful fast.
[?] þai nolde[?] he blede in hore s[?]ynagoge a gret fat þai f[e]te
[?]o h[??]t þe st?ems of þo rode vud[er] þai hitset.

{Starting between the ends of lines 32 and 33, there is more writing at a 90 degree angle on the right hand margin. It reads:
+ a g[ilk] coins s[?]hen 7 wou[e]t þ[er] 7 wist not þe >
rode þ[er[e]] in}

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