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So þat he bled þat fat ful of blode er he stynt.
þen dorst þai do no mare schame þo rode as þai mynt.
And thoȝten to [?]f[s] w[?]t þo blode queth[?] crist were soth 7 gode.
Iche seke iew þat þai kue[lk] þai smeret wt þe blode.
And þai had hor[s] h[?]ls anone 7 lete ho[?] cristen alle
And tolden al hor luth[er] dede 7 hou hit co[?] þere falle.
Þ[e] bisschop kept þis holi blode as relike r[i]ch 7 gode
þere come gret unra[?]nl ⹎ al day of þat suete blode.
So þat hit was in mony str[??]es fot side 7 wide.
In mony st[???]es men sayn ⹎ hit is s[?]r lordis own blode
[Marginalia lowercase a] In iche st[u]de hit may be amoge[?] relik[?] gode
a iew þere come some tyme to rome þa [??]ȝt nou [ju]e wy[?]
In an olde hous he had hym done fer fro iche jue.
FFor he was so in a wilde stude þo dele he dred sore
he thoȝt hou cristen ⹎ men kept hom fro h?s lore
W[ha]t þe cros he blesset hi[?] lest hy[?] oght be tide.
Of he hym self lefet not on ⹎ 7 he lay hym self in þat stid
a gret deul[e] þere com in at midnyȝt as he a maister were
7 oþere deul[?] wit hym enoȝ a chaer w[i]t ho[m] þai bere.
Þere þai set þis gret maister and he ho[?] asschet anone
[V]chon afterere of hore dede quere about þai had gone
Que[?] al had ȝolden a co??tes of þat þai hadden do
þis maister loket hym beside þo iew he saȝ also
qat is þat said þo maister þat I in þe hy[??] se.
[D.] no mad hym so hardy 7 so wode at our a countes to be
Goo forth 7 fo[a]hes hym hid[er] he schal ⹎ w[?] v[?] telle
So sore wos þe iew a dr[e]d þat he schot neȝ out of his felle
quen þai come toward hym þai miȝt not com hy[?] neȝ
And vchon of hom was out of wit que[?] þai þe cros seȝ
quat now said þis bole ⹎ maister qui haf ȝe hym not snoȝt
Sir in[er]te said en þes oþere we may come neȝ hymnoȝt.
h[i]t is vessel þat empty is 7 w[i]t out armet fast.
þen floȝen ⹎ þo deules for þe cros so sore þai wer a gast.
þo iew lefet a nou[?] on god[??] sone þat on þe rode was do
and lete hym cristen ⹎ sone as he miȝt come þere to.
Row god fov þe rode luf þat þ[?]n was on [d]o
Bringe v[?] to þe ioie of he[u]ene þat þ[?]n v[?] hoȝtf to ⹎ / / And

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