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SEint donston was of engeland· Icome of gode more ¶ De Sancto Donstano
miracle oure lourd dude for him· ar he were ibore
ffor Þo he was inis moder wombe · acandle masseday
Þat folk was at churche Inon · as to Þe tyme lay
As hy stode alle wiÞ bihore liȝt · as me deÞ ȝute non
hore liȝt queynte oueral· [...] non muste hou
Here riȝt it barnde swuÞe wel · ⁊ here riȝt it was aloute
Þat folk stod in gret wonder and was Þerof in gret doute
and hy speke ech to oÞer · In wuch manere it were
Hou it queinte so deoluoliche · Þe liȝt Þat hy bere
And hy stode and speke Þerof · in gret wonder echon ·
Sein donstones moder taper · af ure werÞ anon ·
Þat heo heold Þere in hurre hond · heo miste wanne it com ·
Þat folk stod and Þat bihuld and gret wonder Þarof nom
Ne non muste wanne it com · bote Þoru is louerdes grace
Þar of In tende al hore liȝt · aboute in Þe place
wat was Þat ourre Louerd crist · fram heuene Þat liȝt sende
And Þat folk Þat stod aboute · hore tapres Þerof tende
Dote of Þat ulke holy child · Þat in hurre wombe was Þere
Al engelonde scholde beo in liȝt. bet Þanne it euere werre
Þus child was ibore nie hondred ȝer · ⁊ fiue and twenti riȝt
After Þat ourre swete louerd · inis moder was aliȝt
And Þe ferste ȝer of Þe crounynge · of Þe king aÞelston
Is moder het kyndride is fader het herston
Þo Þis child was an eorÞe ibore · is frend nom Þerto hede
Helet it do to glastyngbury · to norissy and to fede
To teche him ek is bileue · pater noster and crede
Þat child wax and wel iÞei · as it moste nede
Lyte ȝeiue he nom to alÞeworld · to alle godnesse he drou ·
Þo he was of mannes wit · to us uncle he gan go
Þe erchebissop of kanterburi · seint Aldelm Þat was Þo
Þat made wiÞ him ioie Inou · and euere Þe leng Þe more
Þo he sei of is godnesse · and of is wise lore
ffor deinte Þat hehadde of him · he let him sone bringe
Biuore Þe prince of engelond · aÞelston Þe kynge

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