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Þe kyng him made ioie Inon · and grantede al us bone
Of wat Þing so e wolde bidde · ȝif it were todone
¶ Þe bad he him an abbey · Þat he was on forÞ ibroȝt
In Þe toun of glastyngburi · Þat him ne weornede noȝt
¶ Þe king him grantede is bone anon · and after him also
Edmond is broÞer Þat was kyng · and inis poer ido
To glastyngburi wende sone · Þe godeman sein donston
Þo beie Þe kynges him ȝeue leue · edmond and aÞelston ·
Of Þe hous of glastyngburi · agret ordenar he was·
And made muche of hore god rule · Þat neuerer er among hom nas
At Þat hous Þat was ferst bigonne · four hondred ȝer biuore
And eke preo and fifti ȝer · ar sein donston werre ybore
¶ ffor Þer was ordres of monkes · ar sein patrick com ·
And ar seint Austin to engelond · broȝte cristendom
And seint patrick deide four hondred · ⁊ to anfifti ȝer
After Þat ourre swete leuedy · ourre louerd an eorÞe ber
At none monekes Þer nere ferst · bote as in hudynge echon ·
And as men Þat drowe to wildernesse · for drede of godes son·
¶ Seint donston and seint aÞelwold · as ourre louerde it bisay
Iiorneied to prestes were · boÞe In oneday ·
Þer after sone to glastyngburi · sein donston anon wende
Abbot he was Þer Inne Imad · is lyf Þarfore to amende ·
And for he nolde bi is wille · no tyme idel beo
Apriue smiÞ bi is celle · he gan him bi seo
ffor wanne he moste of is orisoun · reste for wirinisse
¶ To worke he wolde his honden do · to fleo idelnesse
Serui he wolde poueremen · Þe wile he miȝte dure
Allday for Þe loue of god · he ne kepte of hom non hurre
And wane he sat at is worke Þer · is Bonden at is dede
And is heorte at ihesus crist · is mouÞ is beden sede
So Þat alone tyme · he was in preo studes
Is honden Þere is heorte at god · is mouÞ to bidde is bedes
¶ Þeruore Þe deuel hadde to him · gret en vie and onde
Atime he com to is smiÞÞe · alone him to fonde
Riȝt as Þe sonne ȝeode adoun · as he womman were
And spak wiÞ him of is work · wiÞ Liȝnige chere
And sede Þat hehadde wiÞ him · gret werk to done
Truflinge he smot here and Þere · In anoÞer tale sone
¶ Þis holyman hadded gret wonder · Þat heo was herre and Þere
He sat longe and biÞoȝte him narwe · wo it were

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