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þo he biþoȝte him wo it was · he drou forþ is tange
And leide in þe hote fur · and spak faire wel lange
ffore þe tonge was al asure · and suþþe stille Inon
þe deouel he hence biþe nose and wel faste drou
¶He twengde and schok hurre biþe nose Þat þe fur out blaste
þe deuel wrikkede here and þere · and he held euere faste
he ȝal and hupte and drou aȝen · and made grislich bere
He nolde for al is biȝete · Þat behadde icome þere
Wiþ is tonge he strok is nose · and twengde him euere sore
fforte it was wiþ Inne niȝte · Þat he miȝte Iseo namore
þe ssrewe was glad and bliþe Inon · þo he was out of is honde
And sley and gradde biþe lyft · Þat ine burde into al þe londe
Out wat haþ þis calwe ido · wat haþ þis calwe ido
In þe contreie ine hurde wide · hou þe schrewe gradde so
As god þe ssrewe hadd ibeo · habbe Ismit achom is nose
he ne hiede namore þuder ward · to tilie him of þe pose
¶ þis holy abbot sein donston · hadde aret poer
wiþ king edmond Þat was þo · ⁊ was al is conseiler
After kyng Edmon is deþe · agod wile þer agon
þat Edwine is sone was kyng ymad · ⁊ noȝt afterward emon
þis Edwine hadde vuel red· and þer after he drou ·
Wiþ sein donston he was droþ · syker wiþ gret wou
Of is abbei he dude him out · and dude him ssame Inou ·
þe more schame Þat he him dude þe more þe godeman lou ·
He dros him out of engelonde · and let him cere fleme
þis godeman wende forþ wel glad · ne tok he neuere ȝeiue
¶ To þe abbey of seint amant · biȝende see he drou
And so iournedede þere longe· and ladde god lyf Inon
After king Edwines deþe · edgar Þat was is broþer
was kyng Imad for he was · ner þan eny oþer
Swirþe godman he bicom · and louede holy chirche
And ech man Þat him þerto radde · after him he gan wurche
Me tolde In of sein donston · Þat he come aȝen sone
And bileued is conseiler · of Þat he hadde to done
¶ Sein donston com hom aȝen · and faire was vnder fonge
And hadde is abbei al in pes · fram wan he was Ionge
Wiþ þe kyng he was swuþe wel · and was al is conseiler
Muche ine spak of is godnesse Wise fer and ner ·

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