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¶ It byuel Þat þe bissop of wircestre was ded
þe kyng and þe erchebissop ode · þarof nome horered
And þe holy abbot sein donston · bissop hy made þere
To make him herre in godes lawe is wille þei it nere
Somme men esste atte erchebissop of kanterburi sire ode
Ware fore he him bissop made · and is graces were so gode
ffor hessel qaþ þis godeman · after me here beo
[...]rche bissop of kanterbury · and þat me schel yseo
Wat woston þis oþer sede · þou spexst follich iwis
[[Noston]][...] namore þane þi fot ope god al it is
[...][[b]]ileoue friend qaþ þis godeman · ne dorþe ȝeiue blame noȝt ·
Wel ichot Þat ourre lourde crist · In my mouþ haþ ybroȝt
As wo seiþ of þulke þinge þat he haþ in me ysed
Telle ich may þeiit biualle · after Þat icham ded
Bissop he was of londone · sein donston suþþe also
Of londone and wircestre · and heolde boþe two
It biuel Þat þe erchebissop · of kanterburi was ded
þe pope and þe kyng edgar · þerof nome horered·
And made þe gode sein donston erchebissop þere ·
Godemen Þat him iknewe wel · glad þarof were ·
¶ Cristendon of engelond · to god stat he drou ·
And riȝtes of holy churche · beheld op faste Inon·
He formede þoru al engelond Þat ech person ssolde cheose
To wite him chast fram leiherie · oþer is churche leose
Seint aþelwold was þulke tyme · bissop of wynchestre
And seint oswold þe godeman · bissop of wircestre
þis bissops and seint donston · were al at one rede
And edgar þe gode kyng · to do þis gode dede
¶ þeose þreo bissops wende aboute · þoru al engelonde
And ech super person caste out · hom ne nuȝte non astonde
ffor churchen and hore oþer god· clanliche hom by nome
And bi sette it on gode men · þoru þe popes grant of rome
¶Eiȝte and foura abbeis · of monkes and of nonne
Of þe tresour þat hi rerede in engeland · of persons so iwonne
And so it was welbet biset · þanne it waser on schrewe
ffor þare gode maistres beoþ · som godnesse walleþ schewe
¶Gode were þis þreo bissops Þat at one tyme were þo
þe betere is engelond forhom · and worþ euere mo
Oure lourd ȝaf an eorþe · sein donston faire grace
þat at one tyme as he was · In aprinne place

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