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¶De sancto Agustino

SEint Austin þat cristendom · broȝte into engelonde ¶De Sancto Agustino
Riȝt is among oþer wis · þat he beo vnder stonde
Sein Grigori þe holyman · pope was of rome
Engelond he louede muche · þei he neuere þer necome
Me tolde him þat þelond was god · ⁊ þat it heþene was
Sori was sein Grigory · þat it y cristned nas
Him sulf he wolde habbe Iwend · here in to engelonde
Ac he ne moste for is cardinals · ak scholde sende is sonde
¶Wiþ an forti of godemen · seint austin he nom.
And sende hom here Into engelond · to prechi cristendom
Þat echone monkes were · seint austin and eke þe oþere
Þis holymen hom wende forþ · þat alle were as is broþere
After þat god was Ibore · fif hondred ȝer it was
And four score and ney to ȝer · þat hi dude þis holy cas.

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