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Providence December 18. 1841 Dr. Sir

During the month of September last I had Business Transctions in Herkimer County where I became acquainted with Powers L. Green for whom I have asked for your Excellency (the?) appointment of Commissioner of Deeds

W Green is almost a "law Star" in Herkimer County. (which County has been termed the "Tenth Legion of Democracy). he being an un compromising Whig. He studied Law with Judge Loomis and can procure Letters frm the leading Citizens of that County Democrats but says that he would jump into the Lake before he would ask a Personal favor of a local, in other words, W Green is a Whig of the right stamp.

In a conversation with Gov Harris of this State I told him that I was going to ask a favor of your Excellency and asked him if he would endorse my Character as a Whig. The Gov. replied. "Yes, but it is altogether unnecessary. The Letter that I wrote in your behalf to Gov Brown relative to your appoint ment is altogether sufficient."

May I be permitted to refer your Excellency to the Letter of Gov Harris as evidence that I would not ask of your Excellency the appointment of a In-

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dividual unless he was worthy.

Very truly your obt sv Henry Martin

To/ His Excellency Neil S Brown Governor of Tennessee

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