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Louisville Nov. 11th 1847

To his Excellency, the Governor of the State of

The undersigned a Citizen of this
place most Respectfully solicits your Excellency
to appoint him Commissioner to the Ack-
nowledgments of deeds and to take depositions
for the State of Tennessee. He says he does not
know how he can more favorably recommend
himself to your Excellency than by stating
the fact that his devotion to business and
his integrety in the discharge of the same has
obtained for him the Consulship of Switzer=
land for the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Mi=
chigan, Illinois and Indiana and the Terryto=
ries of Wisconsin and Iowa and the appoint=
ment of Commissioner of to take the aknowled=
gments of deeds and and to take depositions for
the States of Indiana Ohio and Illinois, and
that by the Govener of this State he has been com=
missioned a Notary Public by sanction of the
Senat he says that very often it has happened
that Persons having business with him in some
one of his official capacities aforesaid have
solicited of you, and moreover the present Com=
missioner of your State is sometimes nessessarily
absent and delay and disappoint wants mi the
transction in the business accure; He feels that
it would be aiding and subserving to Public
Service to appoint an aditionel Commissioner
and he most Respectfully seeks and askes of your
Excellency that he may receive the appointment

Very Respectfully your most Obedient
Servent N. J. (?)

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