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The whose names are hereunto subscribed do think that
the conviction of James H. Hindeman, was right; and
that the judgement of the court relating to his impri-
sonment, was mild. -

Thos. Deaderick
Saml Seay
R. Farquharson
Benjamin [W. Bedford?]
Will. [Anwood?]
Wa.sh Hanenem?]
Rob.t. Searcy
Rich Rapier
[Alex?] Richardson
[N.?] H. Bedford
John Spence
Jacob Shall
Robt. W. Greene
R. L. Walker
Jas. [M.?] Gavock

[G? Tilford]
Stephen Cantrell
James Tilford
Jn.o P. [Errin?]
S. [V. D.?] Slout
P. Craddock
Th: Hill
M. H. Quinn
Jas Condor
E. Talbot
Jno. C. Pryor
[R S M?] Farland
James [illegible]
James H. Gamble
[J?] F. Fletcher
[W?] Marshall
George Shall
[illegible] Eastland
James C [Crais?]
[Jnl. Michal?]

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