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MC 2-4

to believe that if Charles L. Bennet, from the
enormity of his crime, should be reprieved that
robberies and murders may be commited in our
State with Impunity. Some, if not all, of us
have seen a piece in the papers published in
Franklin said to be C.L. Bennets confession
of th e murder of W. T. Hay (that confession
too since he was condemned). We are willing and
will shew the prisoner all the lenity that a
confession will intitle him to, but we do not
conceive that a bare confesseion, if true ought
to atone for a murder of such an attrocious
We your petitioners therefore pray Your Excellencys
non Interference but let said C.L Bennet
be punished by the Law which he has broken
for which we your petitioners will ever pray.

October 1st 1819 Robert Nichols Josiah Hallum
John W Nichols Charles (McKelroy?) John Hallum
Thomas S. Green Lemuel Hickman Hezekiah Stone
Henry C. Nichols Jacob Milton Jacob C(?)
E(?) M. Chandler (Illegible) William B(?)
Anderson Trice Edmond Jacobs Jacob Bennett

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