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Acquila Hearn John YC Smith
James Carruthers Wm Shanks
Barry B. Shorter James [Willeford?]
[James ?] William Morres
[Illegible] Isham Palmer
Robert Johnson Bernard Carter
Martin Hancock John C. Tibbet
Dawson Hancock James D. Johnson
John Skeen John H Bonner
[Illegible] Richard Jones
Calvin [N?] Edward Jones
Absalom Harris John Coe
William Ballard [Nathan?] [Shar?]
David Standley Thomas [Guilfor?]
James Ellis Thos Edwards
John Cay Wm H [Williford?]
William Guthrie Nathan Fullerton
Thomas Smith Wm Stafford
Thomas L. Smith John L[?]
[Howard Honn?]
[Lee?] Elliman

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