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William Donaldson James Smith
John Talor M(?) Smith
Andrew Chandler Montgomery P(?)
David B(?) Isaac M(?)
John York Archibald Sherrell
John Johnson Littleton S(?)
(Illegible) Greer John Hunt
John Medlin L(?) Joiner
John Taylor Riffe Cartmell
(Illegible) William Z. B(?)
John Q. Nelson Andrew G(?)
M(?) Joyner James Rice
Gerald Belton (Harwell/Harold?) (Illegible)
Ad(?) (Illegible) John Dr(illegible)
Philip Grissim John (?) P(illegible)
James J (Illegible) John Wigg
Ulycee Norris(?) Thos Rice
John Bonner Thos Chambers
Joseph (Illegible)
Turner Sullivan

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