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Edward Pate (Illegible name- due to torn document)
Samuel Watson James Vaughan
Daniel Richmond William H(Illegible- due to torn document
Joseph (Lay?) Benjamin Price
Henry (Ilegible0 Thomas Mitchell
James B(?) (Illegible)
Charles White George (Illegible)
Robert Chan(?) David Upchurch
James Henderson J.P. James (C?) Johnson
George (Illegilbe) (R. Carr?)
(Illegible) Mathias (Illegible)
Z(illegilbe) Mitchell George (Harpole?)
John Randolph Shadrack Moore
John Z. R(illegible) John L(illegible)
Jonas S(illegible) (Illegible)
Wm. B. Drake / srving? John Edwards
Wm. B. Johnson Simpson (Orgain?)
(Illegible) Joel (Illegible)
David (illegible)

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