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Henry Chandler Robert Campbell
Thomas (Horn?) Israel moore
(Johnathan) (?) Allen John (Illegible)
John Conyers Nathan (Cartmell?)
David Bradshaw Green Williams
John Scott Ishmel Bradshaw
Henry Horn William (Illegible)
(Obed?) S(illegible) George (Illegible)
Thomas P Browning Thos (Ramsey?)
Marriott Davis Josiah Beasley
James C. Bradshaw Jackson N Brown
James C(illegible) Everet Mitchell
Howard Edwards Allen (Fuller?)
Wm L. C(aruthers?) Weldon Truit
James C Carruthers (Illegible)
(Illegible) Thomas (Illegible)
James Young Rich'd Priestly
Geo. Briggs Isaac G. Coles
John C(illegible) (Illegible)
Moses Ellis (Illegible) Neeley
William (Illegible)
R'd B Jones

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