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David Cloyd Jessie Gibbs
John (Illegible) Eliaga Rutlege
(Hardy?) (Illegible) (Emeilel?) W. German
John Powell John Megee
Joseph Bell James (?) Cothern
John (Swan?) Abram (Mugee?)
Steven Upchurch Benjamin F. Stephenson
E(?) T Horn Maritn London
WM Hardin Edw'd Denton
Peter Rogers William Moore
Paul P. Kelley Jace Watkins
Geo F (Illegible) William Taylor
(Illegible) Morley James (Illegible)
Thomas (Illegible) Richardson R(?)
(Illegible)(Illegible) William King
Alfred Kennedy Cornelius B(?)
William Proctor Thomas Conyer (Illegible)
Valentine (Illegible) (Letcher?) B. White
Ben (Wauford?) Will. Hill
John Forester Thos. Hughbanks
James Anderson William (Perry?0
Alfred Bettes
David (Proctor?)

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