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(Sutton?) East Richard (Anderson?) (page torn away)
William Bettes John Gray
Sampson (Illegible) B. Williams
Benten (Modglin?) Robert Coles
David Gibson Miles Creswell
Preston Hend(?) Reece B Upton
Ebenezer Donaldson Solomon Giblson
William (Modglin?) (Illegible) Chandler
Joshua Chandler Henry Thomas
Bailey Chandler Wm (Illegible)
John K. Wynn Leon Bass
John (Illegible) William (Illegible)
James Ellison William Sill
Thomas (Stone?) Samuel (Illegible)
Edmun (Hearn?) John (Roth?)
Benjamin Price William Brooks
(Illegible) Anderson C Seat
William Davis John (Illegible)
James Wrather John Illegible
John Goldstone Nathan Shanks
Warner Beasley James (Howard?)
Terry Underwood Charles (Illegible)
Franklin Bartlet

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