To the Honorable Joseph McMinn Governor of the State of Tennessee

The petition of the undersigned inhabitants of Maury County respectfully showeth. that at the present term of Maury County Court one Alfred Wallis has been convicted of petit larceny on a charge of stealing one half pound of coffee The court sentenced him to receive ten lashes on his bare back. As this sentence though dictated in mercy is still severe. As the injury to individual property is inconsiderable as the criminal is the husband of an amiable and reput =able wife, the father of a numerous family, the son of an aged worthy and venerable father as he has suffered imprisonment and has incurred considerable [expense?] your petitioners hope the end of punishment is attainded that offender himself will reform. and that others will be detered by his sufferings from the perpetration of similar crimes; indeed by these considerations but him particularly through tending to the feelings of his worthy but unhappy relatives your petitioners earnestly recommend him to the mercy of the execution and pray that his crime may be pardoned and that he may be free from the infamy of a public whipping

James L. Sandford JP John Matthews, JP the first 3 are the court before [when?] Wallace was tried

James Black JP Sam. M. Dowell J Peace Nimrod Porter

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