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La Grange Feby 13. 1840


Enclosed is a transcript of the proceedings of
the Directory of the LaGrange and Memphis Rail
Road Company relative to the Supplemental act of
last session for the purpose of obtaining the sub
scription authorised

There is some difference of opinion as to the
meaning of the 7th section. Our charter presented
Nine Directors, and under the act of 1836. the
Governor appointed three, and under that they
must be stockholders. If it is meant by the
late act that the appointments must be made
with reference to the act of 1838 the state directors
must not be stockholders. It is of but little con
sequence what construction is given provided the
board is legally constituted. I suppose it was not
intended to increase the number of directors, but it
was overlooked that there was an odd number

If three additional members are appointed it
will require 7 to make a [illegible] and I shouldl
be pleased if you would appoint them from this
neighborhood, as the offices will continue to be kept in

I have not yet seen Mr [Col] or Mr Williamson
in order to get their views

I send you a copy of our last reports

Eastin Morris

[illegible] [illegible] James K Polk


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