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Special Session of the Board of Directors
of the LaGrange and Memphis Rail Road com
pany, at the Rail Road office in LaGrange
on Wednesday the twelfth day of February 1840
present Eastin Morris, President
George Anderson Directors
Ed Davis J Yancey
George W. Adams, Cashier & Secty

The President laid before the Board an
act of the General Assembly in the words
following to [illegible]:

An act supplementary to the acts
"to incorporate the LaGrange and Memphis Rail
"Road Company"
"section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly
"of the state of Tennessee That the President and
"Directors of the LaGrange and Memphis RailRoad
"Company are hereby authorised if necessary to
"increase the capital stock of said company to
"any amount not exceeding Two Million of dol
"lars, to enable the company to complete the main
"road from Memphis to LaGrange, the branch from
" Moscow to Somerville, the extension of the branch
" from LaGrange to the Mississippi state line in
"the direction of Tuscumbia, or to the Tennessee [illegible]
" in the direction of Chattanooga or for the purpose
"of constructing any other branch or branches
"which the directors may deem it [expedient] to
"establish in the counties of Shelby, Fayette, Hard
eman, McNairy and Hardin"
"Sect 2. Be it enacted that all real estate owner
"or hereafter purchase by said company over
"and above the ground necessary for the road
"and depots, as prescribed by the charter shall
"be subject to taxation in the same manner

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