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"as land owner by, individuals. And all lands
"which may be purchased or obtained by du
"ration at the [illegible] of the road or branches
"or at the principal depots shall be sold for the
benefit of the individual stockholders
"Sec.3. Be it enacted that the company are hereby
"allowed until the 1st day of January 1842 to
"complete the main stem of the said road from
"Memphis to LaGrange and the branch from Moscow
"to Sommerville"
"Sect 4. Be it enacted that hereafter it shall be
the duty of the Bank of Tennessee to pay the
"semi annual interest accruing and to accrue
upon the bonds of the state of Tennessee, heretofore
"issued and hereafter to issue for account of
"stock owned by the state in said road
"Sect 5. Be it enacted that the Governor is hereby
"required to subscribe for twelve hundred and
"fifty shares in addition to the stock now
"owned by the state in said company, being
"an amount equal to the present subscription
"by individuals provided this act shall not be
"so construed as to authorise the company to claim
"or the Governor to issue more than two hundred
"and fifty thousand dollars in the state bonds
"And the whole of that amount with are equal
"amount raised by individual shareholders shall
"be laid out upon the main road from LaGrange
"to the Mississippi and from Somerville to
"the main [illegible] of Moscow. And provides
"that the state shall have a lien upon the pro
"bate property of each stockholder, until the
"whole of such stockholders stock is [illegible] [illegible]
"Also the state shall have a lien upon all
"the property of said company including land
"owned and town sites purchased and donated
"as hereinbefore provided for, as a security
to the state that all the stock held by in

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