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"=dividuals in said company is good and
solvent and will be paid"
"Sect. 6. Be it enacted That the Bonds for said
"twelve hundred and fifty shares shall be payable
thirty years after date, and bear an interest of
"five per cent per [annum] pay able on the first
"of January and first of July of each year
"at such place in the United States as the
"President of the Bank of Tennessee may de
"signate. Said bond to be made pay able to
"the President and Directors of the Bank of
"Tennessee and to be endorsed by the President
"of said BAnk an delivered to the President
"and Directors of the said road"
"Sect 7. Be it enacted That upon acceptance
"of the conditions specified in this act the
"Governor of the state shall appoint an
"additional number of Directors on the part
"of the state which will make the states
"Directors equal in number to those elected
"by the private stockholders in said company
"Sect. 8. Be it enacted. That the Bonds issued
"under the provisions of this act shall be
"issued in Insurance of the 23rd section
"of an act passed January 19th, 1838 entitled
"an act to establish a state Bank, to raise
"a fund for internal improvement and to
"aid in the establishment of a system of

"Passed January 27th 1840

Jonas E. Thomas
Speaker of Ho Reps.
Levin H Coe
Speaker of the Senate

Whereupon it was unanimously resolved
and solemnly ordained by the Board that
this corporation accept of the condition
specified in said Act, together with all

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