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and singular the privilege grants + liens
therein contained, and order the same to
be entered of record, as a supplement to
the charter of the company And that a
copy under the common seal of this com=
pany to be certified to the Governor of Tennessee

I, George W. Adams, Cashier and Secretary of
of the LaGrange and Memphis Rail Road
company do hereby certify that the foregoing
is a true copy of the proceedings of the Board
of Directors as the same remains of record
in my office

In testimony whereof I have herewith
set my hanf and affixed the
common seal of said company
at LaGrange the twelfth day
of February One thousand eight
hunfred and forty.

Geo. W. Adams Cash
Eastin Morris President of the LaGrange &
Memphis Rail Road company do hereby certify
that George W. Adams is the acting cashier
and Secretary of said company duly appointed
and qualified agreebly to the charter & the ordinan-
ces of said company and that the signature
is evidenced by the Common Seal of this cor

In [illegible] whereof I have hereunto
set my hand this 12th day of February
1840 Eastin Morris

Geo. W. Adams [Cash]

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