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Executive Department
Nashville 26 Nov 1839~
(Graham?) J Pillord Esq
Presidnet of the Columbia
Central Turnpike Company
Your letter of the 20th Inst
requesting that appointment of three discreet and
[illegible] persons to (serve?) that part of the
Columbia Central Turnpike service which is
represented to be franchised with a [illegible]
to the erection of tall (gates?) [illegible] was not
received until yesterday. Your certificate
as president of your company has not been
(made?) with such proposision as to conform
to the act incorporating your company. The 8th section
of the act to incorporate the Lebanon & Nashville
Turnpike Company which is made as part
of the act incorporating your company "requires
that the [illegible] should be franchised" in the manner
prescribed by the act for the [illegible] of service
made from Nashville to Lebanon these being
the [illegible] of the (ward?). In the case of the
Columbian Central Turnpike Company the [illegible]-
[illegible] of your [illegible] are Columbia and the

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