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To his excellency, William Trousdale
Governor of the State of Tennessee.
The undersigned, members of
the Board of Internal Improvement
of said state, do state and certify
that a subscription of a million &
a half of dollars has been made
to the Nashville and Chattanooga
Rail Road Company, that said sub-
scription is valid and solvent - and
that we have taken satisfactory in-
demnity by mortgage on the whole
(illegible) of said company, and on
forty miles of said road as com-
pleted and put in operation, and
on the fixtures therof, to secure the
(state?) against the payment of Princi-
pal and interest, on the bond pro-
posed to be endorsed for the company-
Which mortgages, we have enclosed
In testimony whereof, we have
hereunto set our hand, this 29th
August 1851

(name illegible) Crozier Comp
Wm Ledbetter, Pres.
Bank of Tenn Board of
a Dibrell Treasuser Internal
of Tennessee Improvement

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