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we had it in May. I might
possibly be in time for our report
By all means send the
[underline]mus michiganense[/underline] and any [illegible]
on its habits to the academy.

The gophes of middle states
is [underline]geomys bursaruis[/underline]: It is not
found in the southern states
where it is replaced by [underline]g. pineti[/underline]
which have not yet been found out
of Georgia, Florida & Alabama
[underline]Thomomys[/underline] is the other genus
The two together contain ten or
twelve species.

The fact about the glass snakes
at Mloomington is very inte-
resting. I never saw one alive.

[underline]Pleitoropharus lapponus[/underline]
and [underline]nivales[/underline] are both well
known European birds.

As Luelofore promised
I enclose draft for $15.00 to pay
the freight & miscellaneous charges
you have against us and make
matters square: please return
the receipts.

Ever yours
AM Baird

Robt. Kennicott
West Northfield, Ill

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This letter was signed by S.F. Baird (Spencer Fullerton Baird). The "well known European birds" are Plectrophenax lapponicus and nivalis