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2/426 March 1st page sent Nellie
species. eastern and western
I have nearly finished the
rough work. and shall son
begin afresh with the polish-
ing, when I will bring up all
arrears to date.

When Mr. Arny was
here a few weeks ago we had
a good deal of talk about [you?]
I advised him to move tow-
ards the formation of a state
Museum in connection either
with the Agricultural Sociry
or the Board of education,
and put you at the head of
it with such a salary as
would enable you to make a
business of it for life. All art
of the Smithsonian was gree-
ly promised to the underta-
king. The idea may work,
you should beef it up.

For the present I do not
care much to have more spe-
ciments of fishes as our shelves
are full, and I have no time
to work at then until I get
the fishes up the repriles suc-
cession. It will be much bet-
ter to wait till perhaps next
year, when our new case

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Sad that page 1 is missing, as that page has the date (and probably some other interesting tidbits). It was likely March 1856, as the content mentions the description of a new snake species, Regina kirtlandii, which was presented for publication to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia in April 1856.


had a good deal to talk about you.


or is it "had a good deal OF talk about you."?


Yes you are correct