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am most in want of our birds of prey
The eggs of the American Goshawk; the pigeon
hawk and the swallowtail hawk if they ever
breed about you would be most acceptable.
The eggs of any hawk or owl [illegible] would hardly
fail to add somewhat to our present knowledge.
Do the wild pigeons ever breed in your neighborhood ?
If so, a number of their eggs would be valuable
for exchange.
l am greatly indebited to you for your attention
In inviting me, shall be most happy to
hear from you. Whenever you have anything to
write - and will be happy to send you in any
[illegible] in my possess.
Yours very truly
T M. Brener

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This letter was signed "T.M. Brewer" (written by an assistant on behalf of Thomas Mayo Brewer, ornithologist with the Boston Society of Natural History)