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April 14, 1884

My Dear Robert
I have had your last letter
before me for a couple of weeks but
have [illegible] not had time to an-
swer it. You must not think however
that my delay is on account of consid-
ering it a "bore" as you term it.
I never find it such to write to any
one so much interested in my favorite
pursuits as you are.
The figure of Esex[underlined] Umbrous[underlined]
came in [illegible] of [illegible] a few day
after you mentioned it. It is not
sufficiently distinction however
Spring is coming on apace.
and the fish will soon begin to run.
I have now the net for you and
will send it very soon. I hope you
will make many interesting discov-
eries with it. You must not let
your Natural History pursuits inter-
fere with your business in life: your
first care is to establish yourself in
a permanent and definite position
and then embellish that position
with the graces of science and
literature. Remember too that you
are young and it is to be hoped have
a reasonably long life before you
during which you can be steadily

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Although Baird's handwriting is of the typical indistinct style, I believe the letter was likely written April 14, 1854.