Status: Needs Review

improving and progressing in your
avocations of a Natural History
I keep all[underlined] my birds in
skins. I have none mounted at
all. Nor would have. They occupy
much less space and can be prepa
red in greatly shorter time this way.
Look sharp for the habit
of the salamanders. Find where they
lay their eggs, how they copulate
& you must begin very early however
as they are soon at work.
I have not yet determined
whether to send the net separately
to you or to send it in a parcel I
am about forawarding to Rev. A.
C. Barry of Racine with request
to send to you. I will determin in a
day or two.
With kindest regards to
your father family I remain
Sincerely yours
J M Baird

R. W. Kennicott
West Northfield
Cook A

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This letter is signed by "S.F. Baird" (Spencer Fullerton Baird).