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woodchuck and other things, and
presume as you suggest, the litter
was lost. I mentioned the fur,
things in detail; they were very
interesting and perfect.
The Arvicola you sent is
probably A. auslerus of Leconte
The Hesperomys is what we
call michiganensis. I will
not fail to send hereafter the
labelled series you want
I can hardly give any very
satisfactory hints about your cases
and fittings of the new Natu-
ral History room, except that
you want plenty of shelf and
drawers. You might have one side
fitted up like in the following cross
[drawing with labels "B" and "A" in the sections]
The lower part A. is a sort of counter,
about two feet deep, and 2 1/2 or 3 feet
high. (table height). This should be
filled with drawers, of which there
might be four or five, decreasing in
[strikethrough: de] height from bottom to top. The
top part might be open with glazed
front, and about one food deep, with
shelves 12 or 14 inches apart [illegible]

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