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mounted animals, or jars &c. The
shelves should be adjustable so as
to place at any height
[drawings with parts labeled "A", "B", "C", "D", and "a'"]
This is done by putting
in upright slips A.B. in
the notches of which fit the moveable
piece C....On this rest the ends aa' of
the shelf D. You will want
as long a range of such cases as
you can get. They had better
be made in three feet sections,
the top part separate and placed
directly on the bottom.
The projecting counter por-
tion will serve as a long [strikethrough: sect]
table, [strikethrough: and] which may be made
larger at will by having a piece
hinged on at the edge, shutting
up and opening out like an
old fashioned secretary.
Your insects may be set
up in their boxes in the upright
Very truly yours
S.F. Baird
Rob. Kennicott
West Northfield

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