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Milwaukee Aug 6. 1836 Dear Sir I have your favor of 3 [illegible] and am glad to learn that your fathers health is improving - please present to him my best respects + good wishes. The [underline:] Campanula [/underline] is [underline:] L. rotundifolia [/underline], the Hare (or Hair) Bell - It grows here + its origin with you is quite probably as you suggest. The radical leaves only are round. The grass is [underline:] Setaria glauca [/underline], a weed spread over much of the world. If it will keep the chinch bug away from more valuable plants it may yet move to have some use! - What you say of the Silphium laciniatum is new to me. I supposed its very coarseness + roughness would be repulsive to horses as well as other animals. But let me have a copy of your [underline:] article [/underline] when published. I have about concluded an arrangement with the U.S. Patent office to investigate the grasses of the U. States as I told you when I had the pleasure of seeing you at my house - This will lead

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me to visit different states & localities and to seek for specimens of grasses and information of all kinds about them - both the cultivates and the wild species. - It will be a job requiring some considerable time.

I spent half a day in Chicago last week - with my brother-in-law Col. Samuel Stone - who is much interested in the newly organised Historical Society. -

Very truly yours [I?] A Lapham

Robt Kennicott Esq

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