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Chicago - Friday morning
If the sleighing is good couldn't you send in
the sleigh on Wednesday the day before Christmas
with a load of wood and take Frank and I out
after 6 o.c. Wednesday night -
as the weather is warm we shall not get the
turn keysto send out till Tuesday by the stage -
I say we as Frank is going to make the [illegible]
man give him good ones cheap (underlined). - If you will
send in the sleigh let us know by [illegible] will [illegible]
Monday and will not send the turnkey till then.
We intend to go out by [illegible] [illegible] on Chrismtas morning
unless the road should be blocked up by snow,
in which case we might go out by bus (underlined) on Wednesday
unless you [illegible] for us - In [illegible]
Uncle Asas says "we will go out if we are well" we (underlined) will.

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