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Chicago Dec 31st 56

Dear folk at Home

Frank has been
very sick, and is still badly off though
better than yesterday - His inflammation
of spleen extending onto the peritoneum
and making a pretty hard case.

I have been with him nearly all the
time and shall tell he is much better
which I hope he will be soon- [begine crossed out[ At th [end crossed out] He is
in the P.[?]P Office. Mariner Charlie Bagoner
Chandler and I have taken care of him
[manage?] by taking turns to keep going
pretty well. I of course have to leave
college as I stay with him all day
as well as my watch at night.

I have seen a young man who will perhaps
go out as tutor [tonite?] if anyone is
coming in Saturday that the may go out so
if he goes - He is pretty young but a
good scholar - pretty much of a gentleman
and comes well recommended to Mr. Wells Suht.
[Pub?.] Schools. He wanted to get a situation in the
Pub schools here which in [?] cannot

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