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Catalogue fol 595 of the Transactions
Mollusca of Southern Ill. fol 610.
by H A Ulffers
Cyclas - similis 4
Unio - elegans 3 - foliatus+ - cor+ - capax 2, caeli
ginosus – parvus 1½ - glans - interruptus
lacrymosus 3 – leptodon – dehicens
teres 4 - torsus – ridibundus - (remi
nasis?) [raeiensis?]
Pupa contracta
Alas [abbreviation for Alasmodonta] a - conflagrosa - complanata 1½
Ano [abbreviation for Anodonta] - imbecillis - suborbiculatus+
Lym [abbreviation for Lymnaea] - emarginata
Sue.[?] (Species not known)
Mel.[maybe abbreviation for Melampus?] several Species
Aucylola[?] - praemorsa -
sent shells and wrote

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Very challenging species list, especially since he used abbreviations for some of the genus names, many of the names are no longer the same in modern molluscan taxonomy, and he had some misspellings (ex. "lacrymosus" is actually spelled lachrymosus). The last line "sent shells and wrote" is in a different handwriting (Robert Kennicott’s?), as are the numbers after the species names.