CCCC MS 488: John Joscelyn's Historiola Collegii Corporis Christi.

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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 488: John Joscelyn, Historiola Collegii Corporis Christi

p. 99

p. 99


Counterpoyntes & other Stuff

Item A Counterpoint of peces called [Ad.. .... de] scripture lyned [..? ............?] - xiiis iiiid Item [A] Count[er]point of [..........] Imagery of huntyng p[ri]ce - xvid [....?] Item A [v....?] of fyne tapestry [...?] the Story of the [bir?] science [cont...?] in leynght [....?] in [breadth?] xi yard[es] p[ri]ce - [xl...?] Item a Counterpoint of Tapestry [verdo...?] p[ri]ce - [xx...?] Item A Counterpoint of Tapestry ^[verdo..? well [..oren[n]?] p[ri]ce - xiiis iiiid Item a Counterpoint of Tapestry [verdo..?] of xx [ff.. ett[es]?] p[ri]ce - xxs Item a Counterpoint of Tapestry [verdo..?] conto xxx [ff.. ....?] p[ri]ce - xid Item ii large bankers of fyne Tapestry [cont...?] xxiiii yerd[es] p[ri]ce - xlvis viiid Item a old Ship Chist A [Bardondu[m]?] And A litill broken[n] Chest A Brushing [bord?] And a paire of trestill[es] p[ri]ce - iiiis. Item A litill Ioyned table And A paire of trestilles p[ri]ce - xiid

S[u]m[ma] - xlli vs.

In the [..tre?] by the Chapell

Item ii [] bastard stayned w[i]t[h] [verdo..? .....?] the border [...?] - Scrypture p[ri]ce - vs iiiid Item ii paire of old Trestelles p[ri]ce - xd S[u]m[ma] - xis iid

In the Chapell

Item ii [...terclothes?] w[i]t[h] the [...ape?] of [motley?] damask [cont...?] viii yard[es] square w[i]t[h] A pillowe to the same w[i]t[h] A vestement w[i]t[h] [the..paro..?] and Corp[or]as case to the same p[ri]ce - [.lvis? viiid?] Item viii little [Cestringgz?] bastard stayned of [d..... .ort[es]?] p[ri]ce - xiid Item A missale Imp[ri]nted in 2[degree symbol] fo fiat p[ri]ce - viis iiiid Item A Tablet of Alabast[er] w[i]t[h] A Crucifix p[ri]ce - viiid Item A prykket Condilstyk And A savering bell p[ri]ce - viiid Item [...?] A [..........?] of whit[e] lynon[n] p[ri]ce - vid Item iii [...........?] Cou[er]ed w[i]t[h] rede Say p[ri]ce - xvid Item [..?] Ioyned [.....?] p[ri]ce - iiid

S[u]m[ma] - lixs vd

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