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[column: left]
John Martin
John [unclear]Levendodge[/unclear]
Hugh Johnston
John [unclear]Rowes[/unclear]
James [unclear]Bozon[/unclear]
James Smith
John [unclear]Causwell[/unclear]
Alexander [unclear]McCormick[/unclear]
William Man
Jackob Hufman
Widdo Smith
Widdow Kennedy
Dennis [unclear]Coughcran[/unclear]
Even [unclear]Hillbreath[/unclear]
robert [unclear]Devers[/unclear]
[unclear]Josias[/unclear] Black
Thomas Black
Andrew Walker
John [unclear]Reagh[/unclear]
Edward McCacy
James Renick
John Sloane
Robert Dobson
William Smith
Thomas Williams
John Boyd
George Givens
James Warren
[unclear]Jason[/unclear] Wilcox
Wm Warren
Wm Dyer
Thomas [unclear]Thomason[/unclear]
John Warren
Martin Warren
[unclear]Barre[/unclear] Warren
Hugh Henry
[unclear][illegible: page edge][/unclear]

[column: middle]
Hugh Henry jr.
David Henry
Isaac Henry
William [unclear]Conor[/unclear]
James Dunn
Robert Brewster
[unclear]Mapes[/unclear] Cherry
William gerret
Joseph Black
William [unclear]Willson[/unclear]
James [unclear]Willson[/unclear]
[unclear]Esakel nones[/unclear]
George Clark
Willm [unclear]Nick junr[/unclear]
Joseph [unclear]Nick[/unclear]
John [unclear]Nick[/unclear]
[unclear]Charls Dumink[/unclear]
Spencir Reid
Bengiman Roberts
[unclear]abes ag Stuart Lesang[/unclear]
Benjamin Parsley
[unclear]Lawrens Pomphy[/unclear]
Charles Whitman
Thomas [unclear]Choreyby[/unclear]
James [unclear]Davis[/unclear]
Josep reed
Isaac [unclear]Modord[/unclear]
John Miles
Adam [unclear]Mattews[/unclear]
Bryan [unclear]Lavern[/unclear]
Samual [unclear]Stouthorn[/unclear]
William [unclear]Clives[/unclear]
Ebraham Hornbook
Frances Smith
John [unclear]Booth[/unclear]

[column: right]
William Hacker
John hacker
John Silvertooth
James Brand
zachri [unclear]hobe[/unclear]
David [unclear]yezal[/unclear]
Joseph [unclear]Cane[/unclear]
Thomas Mortan
Thomas [unclear]Barns[/unclear]
[unclear]Hansorm misull[/unclear]
Robert [unclear]Rook[/unclear]
Joseph [unclear]Abutnot[/unclear]
[unclear]Prockten[/unclear] Ballard
Frances Nash
John Ball
John [unclear]Vacleve[/unclear]
[unclear]Danny pursal[/unclear]
[unclear]Conrad Kirk[/unclear] & gorg kirk
William toddy
[unclear]Corn[/unclear] toddy
Hugh [unclear]Coughcr??[unclear][/unclear]
Thomas Smith
John [unclear]Corchraron[/unclear]
Joseph [unclear]Gardnard[/unclear]
Gorge Scot
David [unclear]Drist[/unclear]
John Hunch
Joseph Roberts
James Robertson
Mathew Roberson
Andrew [unclear]Lave[/unclear]
Samuel [unclear]Sellers[/unclear]
John Vancleve
William woods
Joseph Setters
[unclear]Nahen[/unclear] Barkley
John [unclear]Johors[/unclear]
James pierce
James [unclear]Pierce[/unclear]

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