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Column Organization Prefix Given Name Last Name Suffix Non-White Photo Article Type
1 Pfc Carl W Roe Personals
1 Lewis Cotton Personals
1 Charles Price Personals
1 Firestone Dealer Store Advertisements
2 Mr Pete Coleman Personals
2 Mrs Pete Coleman Personals
2 Maudie Haynes Marriage Announcements/Licenses
2 Edwin McKee Marriage Announcements/Licenses
3 Mr Bob Simpson Personals
3 Mrs Bob Simpson Personals
3 Pfc Thomas A Simpson Personals
3 Johnny Howard Tosh Personals
3 Mr Hershel Fuller Personals
3 Mrs Hershel Fuller Personals
3 Billy Fuller Personals
James Fuller Personals
3 Mr Newt Fuller Personals
3 Mrs Newt Fuller Personals
3 Darnal Fuller Personals
3 Mr Otha Boyd Personals
3 Mrs Otha Boyd Personals
3 Mr Oder Hargrove Personals
3 Mrs Oder Hargrove Personals
3 Nell Hargrove Personals
3 Mr Curtis McDowell Personals
3 Mr John Reed Personals
3 Mrs John Reed Personals
3 Mr David McDowell Personals
3 Mrs David McDowell Personals
3 Mr Onnie Newsom Personals
3 Mrs Onnie Newsom Personals
3 Mr Edna McDowell Personals
3 Edwin Williams Advertisements
3 Massey Advertisements
3 Commonwealth Life Ins Co Advertisements
3 W C McCall Advertisements
3 Dilday Advertisements
4 Tennessee Automobile Ins Co Advertisements
4 Argo Bros Co Advertisements
4 J T Williams Advertisements
4 W B Argo Advertisements
5 Townes Estes Rhodes General Insurance Advertisements
5 Sinclair Service Sta Advertisements
5 Jeffs Cab Advertisements
5 J H Maddox Advertisements
5 Jeff Maddox Advertisements
5 Zolly Massey Advertisements
5 Fred Nunnery Advertisements
6 Buford Norden Personals
6 Lindell Nordon Personals
6 Memphis Naval Air Station Personals
6 Delores Beauty Salon Advertisements
6 Delores Park Advertisements

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