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Column Organization Prefix Given Name Last Name Suffix Non-White Photo Article Type
1 Huntingdon Equipment Co Advertisements
1 Priest Advertisements
3 Fred Tate Advertisements
3 Maddox Advertisements
3 Murray Bateman Advertisements
3 Terrys Store Advertisements
3 Townes Estes Rhodes General Insurance Advertisements
4 Terry Advertisements
4 Whitthorne Advertisements
4 J C Anderson Public Notices
4 Alex Anderson Public Notices
4 Ezra Anderson Public Notices
4 Joe T Bates Public Notices
4 Herbert Bates Public Notices
4 H D Roark Public Notices
4 Eulas Bates Public Notices
4 L B Chandler Public Notices
4 Boyd William Public Notices
4 J L Kee Advertisements
4 W L Algee Advertisements
4 Commonwealth Life Ins Co Advertisements
4 W C McCall Advertisements
4 Dilday Advertisements
5 Rawleighs Advertisements
5 Hooper Fesmire Advertisements
5 J Will Perry Advertisements
6 Dorons Poultry Plant Advertisements
6 Mrs Florence Rains Advertisements
6 Nola Melear Advertisements
6 Johnson Hotel Advertisements
6 Bank of Huntingdon Public Notices
7 Cloars Sewing Service Advertisements
7 S E Tucker Advertisements

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