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Column Organization Prefix Given Name Last Name Suffix Non-White Photo Article Type
1 Tennessee Republican News
1 Carroll County Democrat News
1 The McKenzie Banner News
1 E E Wright News
1 R A Crider News
1 M M Darnall News
1 Leslie Johnson News
1 {} A Bramley News
1 Western State Hospital News
1 Vanderbilt Hospital News
1 T V A News
1 Mr Henry House Personals
1 Mrs Henry House Personals
1 Mrs Myrtie House Personals
1 Mr Troy Woods Personals
1 Mrs Troy Woods Personals
1 Mr Allen Williams Personals
1 Mrs Allen Williams Personals
1 Mr D G Cook Personals
1 Mrs D G Cook Personals
1 Lewis Pendergrass Personals
2 Murray Bateman News
2 Prentice Rollins News
2 Mr C F Phillips Personals
2 Mrs C F Phillips Personals
2 Eddie Phillips Personals
2 Dr Woodall Personals
2 Mrs Guy Jacobs Personals
3 Mr Murray Bateman Personals
3 Mrs Murray Bateman Personals
3 John Murray Bateman Personals
3 Sammie Bateman Personals
3 Mr Paul Sanders Personals
3 Mrs Paul Sanders Personals
3 Mr Treman Robinson Personals
3 Mrs Treman Robinson Personals
3 Mr Charlie Joyner Personals
3 Mrs Charlie Joyner Personals
3 Mr C F Phillips Personals
3 Mrs C F Phillips Personals
3 Eddie Phillips Personals
3 Mrs Edna Phillips Personals
3 Randy Phillips Personals
3 Leach Adventist Church Personals
3 Mr Freddie Pritchard Personals
3 Mrs Freddie Pritchard Personals
3 Mr Johnnie Pritchard Personals
3 Mrs Johnnie Pritchard Personals
3 Mattie Sue Bramley Personals
3 Jacqueline Bramley Personals
3 Mr Priest Baumgardner Personals
3 Mrs Priest Baumgardner Personals
3 Burns Store Personals
3 Mr Clarence Baumgardner Personals
3 Mrs Clarence Baumgardner Personals
3 Bobby Baumgardner Personals
3 Mr Charlie Carroll Personals
3 Mrs Charlie Carroll Personals
3 Mr Felix Galloway Personals
3 Mrs Felix Galloway Personals
3 Mr Herbert Dennison Personals
3 Mrs Herbert Dennison Personals
3 Williams Store Personals
3 Morris Personals
3 Doyle Warbritten Personals
3 Mrs Verlie Warbritten Personals
3 Floyd Smothers Personals
3 John Britt Personals
3 Arrington Personals
3 Willie Murphy Personals
3 W E Murphy Personals
3 John Henry Murphy Personals
3 Mrs Murphy Personals
3 W C Cherry Personals
3 Tom White Personals
3 Mrs Tom White Personals
3 Mr Will White Personals
3 Mrs Will White Personals
3 Bill White Personals
3 Jamie White Personals
3 Waldon White Personals
3 Ray White Personals
3 Mr Wayne Moore Personals
3 Mrs Wayne Moore Personals
3 Nann Moore Personals
3 Mr George McGinis Personals
3 Mrs George McGinis Personals
3 Roy McGinis Personals
3 Mr Leonard Rochelle Personals
3 Mrs Leonard Rochelle Personals
3 Mrs Nova Palmer Personals
3 Edwin Williams Advertisements
3 Massey Advertisements
3 Townes Estes Rhodes General Insurance Advertisements
3 Frank Flake Garage Advertisements
4 Mr Cloyce Cox Personals
4 Mrs Cloyce Cox Personals
3 Mr C L Compton Personals
4 Mrs C L Compton Personals
4 Mr Leroy Groom Personals
4 Mrs Leroy Groom Personals
4 Mrs N S Groom Personals
4 Mrs Gracie Abernathy Personals
4 Mildred McDonald Personals
4 Mr Persier Turner Personals
4 Mrs Persier Turner Personals
4 Mrs J W Rice Personals
4 Mr Amon Markum Personals
4 Mrs Amon Markum Personals
4 Mr Onnie Scott Birth Announcements
4 Mrs Onnie Scott Birth Announcements
4 Paul Tyler Scott Birth Announcements
4 Gabe Perriett Marriage Announcements/Licenses
4 Miss Lela Mae Williams Marriage Announcements/Licenses
4 Mrs Mable Abernathy Marriage Announcements/Licenses
4 McCollums Gro Mkt Advertisements
4 Hall Equipment Co Advertisements
4 Broadway Garage Advertisements
5 Jack Drewery Personals
5 Mr W D Ezell Personals
5 Mr Marion Grissom Personals
5 Mrs Albert Walker Personals
5 Aunt Bettie Thomas Personals
5 Grandma Lilly Personals
5 Mr Walter Dunning Personals
5 Mrs Pearl Elinor Personals
5 Mr W B Ford Personals
5 Mr Claud Tegethoff Personals
5 Christmasville Community Club News
5 Mr Cleatus Dunn News
5 Mrs Cleatus Dunn News
5 Mr Bowdie Featherston News
5 Mrs Bowdie Featherston News
6 Dr Carnell News
6 Mrs Carnell News
6 Fred Tate Advertisements
6 Maddox Advertisements
6 Gordon Browning Advertisements
6 E W Arrington Advertisements
6 Huntingdon Jewelry Co Advertisements
6 Odie Pendergrass Advertisements
7 Fred Tate Advertisements
7 Mr Carlos Dill Personals
7 Mrs Carlos Dill Personals

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