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Column Organization Prefix Given Name Last Name Suffix Non-White Photo Article Type
1 Agricultural Extension Service News
1 Frank J Walrath News
1 U T College of Agriculture News
1 Tennessee Automobile Ins Co Advertisements
1 Argo Bros Co Advertisements
1 J T Williams Advertisements
1 W B Argo Advertisements
1 Frozen Food Lockers Advertisements
1 Bill Dinwiddie Advertisements
1 Ruth Dinwiddie Advertisements
3 Bruceton Lions Club Advertisements
3 Douglas Moore Advertisements
3 Curtis Tate Advertisements
4 R C Chambers Advertisements
4 Huntingdon Equipment Company Advertisements
4 Edwin Williams Advertisements
3 Mr Levi Thomas Personals
3 Mrs Levi Thomas Personals
3 Sgt George Thomas Personals
3 Elmer Thomas Personals
3 Carl Thomas Personals
3 Mr Edd Thomas Personals
3 Mrs Edd Thomas Personals
3 Mr Carnal Chester Personals
4 Mr Buford Riggs Personals
4 Mrs Buford Riggs Personals
4 Bro Neal Butler Personals
4 Mrs Jamie Sampson Personals
5 Miss Katharyn Haymes Personals
5 Miss Mable Haymes Personals
5 Bula Lee Cobb Personals
5 Mr Roy Fields Personals
5 Mrs Roy Fields Personals
5 Mr Clifford Barnheart Personals
5 Mrs Clifford Barnheart Personals
5 Mrs Thelma Evans Personals
5 Maurice Evans Personals
5 Darce Evans Personals
5 Mrs Martin Coleman Personals
5 Frances Ownby Personals
5 Mrs Carnell Furetell Personals
5 Wren Rice Personals
5 Mrs Wren Rice Personals
5 Mr Odie Rice Personals
5 Mrs Odie Rice Personals
5 L A Pinson Personals
5 Webb Williamson Hospital Personals
5 Mrs L A Pinson Personals
5 Bettye Jane Pinson Personals
5 Mr L L Holmes Personals
5 Mrs L L Holmes Personals
5 Martha Nelle Holmes Personals
5 Mrs J R Austin Personals
5 Mrs Holmes Personals
5 Mrs Polleet Personals
5 Mr J N Pullen Personals
5 Mrs J N Pullen Personals
5 Mrs W E Murphy Personals
5 Bill White Personals
5 Mr Will White Personals
5 Mrs Will White Personals
5 Mr Ray White Personals
5 Mrs Ray White Personals
5 Billy Williams Letters
6 Furniture Exchange Co Advertisements
6 Parrish Service Sta Advertisements

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