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Column Organization Prefix Given Name Last Name Suffix Non-White Photo Article Type
1 Priest Drug Co Advertisements
1 Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company Advertisements
1 Parrish Bros Appliance Store Advertisements
2 Mr Bert Lane Personals
2 Mrs Bert Lane Personals
2 McKinney Personals
2 Mrs Edna Phillips Personals
2 Randy Phillips Personals
2 Mr C F Phillips Personals
2 Mrs C F Phillips Personals
2 Sgt Eddie Phillips Personals
2 Elmer Phillips Personals
2 Arthur Brandon Personals
2 Mr Lewis Pendergrass Personals
2 Mrs Lewis Pendergrass Personals
2 Mr Charlie Joyner Personals
2 Mrs Charlie Joyner Personals
2 Mrs Gertrude Black Personals
3 W L Algee Advertisements
3 Rawleighs Advertisements
3 Hooper Fesmire Advertisements
3 Cloars Sewing Service Advertisements
3 S E Tucker Advertisements
3 Fred Tate Advertisements
3 Maddox Advertisements
3 J M McCormick Advertisements
3 H C DeMoss Advertisements
3 Leon Haddock Advertisements
3 Jeff Pittman Advertisements
3 Elvy Sauls Advertisements
3 Jno W DeMoss Advertisements
3 Malcolm Frazee Advertisements
3 Odd Hood Advertisements
3 Ronald McGee Advertisements
3 Bruceton Gulf Station Advertisements
3 Mrs Mickie Harris Advertisements
4 Fred Tate Advertisements
4 D J Pruett Advertisements
4 Frank Buckley Advertisements
4 Bryant Flower Shop Advertisements
4 Mr Clarence Bryant Advertisements
4 Mrs Clarence Bryant Advertisements
4 Court Theatre Advertisements
4 Priest Advertisements
5 Gordon J Wilder News
5 Marshall F Priest News
5 W N Estes News
5 John W Barrow News
5 C E Bolen News
5 W C Jolly News
5 Neill Wright News
5 Sam C Kennon News
5 Women's Society of Christian Service News
5 Mrs Warren Carter News
5 Mrs John Gatewood News
5 Mrs Billy Portis News
5 Billy Carter News
5 Miss Mary Leach News
5 Mrs Crocker Watson News
5 Barrows Dept Store Advertisements
5 John W Barrow Advertisements
6 Crockett Owens News
6 W C McCall Agency Advertisements
6 Dilday Advertisements
6 Huntingdon Jewelry Co Advertisements
6 Odie Pendergrass Advertisements
7 Mrs Clarence Bryant Advertisements
7 Bryants Flower Shop Advertisements

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