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Column Organization Prefix Given Name Last Name Suffix Non-White Photo Article Type
1 Commercial Appeal News
1 Morris Cunningham News
1 Railroad and Public Utilities Commission News
1 Mrs Florence Striegal News
1 Sam Pharr News
1 Mr Crump News
1 Governor Jim McCord News
1 Senator McKellar News
1 Prentice Cooper News
1 TVA News
1 State Department of Conservation News
2 Dr N A Hawks Advertisements
2 Townes Estes Rhodes General Insurance Advertisements
3 Miss Vilet Sills News
3 Miss Raynelle Hastings News
3 Finleys Garage Advertisements
3 Frank Flake Garage Advertisements
4 Mr D S Hostetter News
4 McKenzie Rotary Club News
4 Commercial Appeal News
6 Western Auto Associate Store Advertisements

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