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Column Organization Prefix Given Name Last Name Suffix Non-White Photo Article Type
1 Mr James Ezell Personals
1 Mrs James Ezell Personals
1 Mr Will Ezell Personals
1 Mrs Will Ezell Personals
1 Seminary Telephone Personals
1 Will Foster Personals
1 Mr Felix Young Personals
1 Mrs Felix Young Personals
1 Bob Young Personals
1 T E Brandon Advertisements
1 W E Lewelling Advertisements
1 Decatur County Lime Co Advertisements
1 Traywick Produce Co Advertisements
2 Fred Bates Personals
2 Thomas Smith Personals
2 Mr Herbert Smith Personals
2 Mrs Herbert Smith Personals
2 Mrs Howard Stockard Personals
2 Mr Howard Stockard Personals
2 Jimmy Stockard Personals
2 Monnie Bates Personals
2 Staffords Store Personals
2 Mr Boyd Drewery Personals
2 Mrs Boyd Drewery Personals
3 W B Ford Personals
3 Billy Ford Personals
3 Edward Ford Personals
3 Mrs Doyle Dunning Personals
3 Mr Boyd Moore Personals
3 Mrs Boyd Moore Personals
3 Miss Lorene Featherstone Personals
3 McKenzie Banner Personals
3 W L Algee Advertisements
3 Cloars Sewing Service Advertisements
3 Odd Hood Advertisements
3 Mrs Mickie Harris Advertisements
3 D J Pruett Advertisements
3 Frank Buckley Advertisements
3 Williams Store Advertisements
3 James Kyle Burns Advertisements
3 J W Hickman Advertisements
4 Andersons Cab Service Advertisements
4 Silver Grill Advertisements
4 J W Hickman Advertisements
4 Joe Hilliard Advertisements
4 Parkers Store Advertisements
4 Williams Store Advertisements
4 Vernie Tines Advertisements
4 Mrs C R Carlton Advertisements
4 Otis Neely Advertisements
4 Mrs C H Presson Advertisements
4 Terrys store Advertisements
4 Virgil W McKinney Advertisements
4 D J Pruett Advertisements
4 Mr Clarence Baker Personals
4 Mrs Clarence Baker Personals
4 A B Smith Personals
4 Warren Smothers Personals
4 Barrow Personals
4 Mr Doyle Derritt Personals
4 Mrs Doyle Derritt Personals
4 Gilford Hill Personals
4 Mr J W Vaughn Personals
4 Mrs J W Vaughn Personals
4 Mr Eugene Chandler Personals
4 Mrs Eugene Chandler Personals
4 Mr Alden Chandler Personals
4 Mrs Alden Chandler Personals
4 Miss Winnie Barton Personals
4 Priest Motor Co Advertisements
5 Mrs Wendell Cole Personals
5 Mr Curtis Compton Personals
5 Mrs Curtis Compton Personals
5 Mr Charles Brown Personals
5 Mrs Charles Brown Personals
5 Otis Cox Personals
5 Mrs L A DePriest Personals
5 Mrs J O Cawthorn Personals
5 Mrs Maurice Devaiut Personals
5 E G Hastings Jr Personals
5 Mr E G Hastings Sr Personals
5 Mrs E G Hastings Sr Personals
5 Robert Holcomb Personals
5 Ben Holcomb Personals
5 Mrs E A Holcomb Personals
5 Mr H T Park Personals
5 Mrs H T Park Personals
5 Phillip Park Personals
5 Hayes DePriest Personals
5 Mrs L A DePriest Personals
5 W A McGee Personals
5 Glenn Jordan Personals
5 Bruceton Church of Christ Advertisements
5 Howard Parker Advertisements
6 Mr Jesse Jordan Personals
6 Mrs Jesse Jordan Personals
6 Mrs Maurice Devault Personals
6 Bennett Furniture Company Advertisements
6 Cleo Chambers Advertisements
6 C S Bennett Sr Advertisements
6 C S Bennett Jr Advertisements
6 Fanettas Beauty Shop Advertisements
6 Fanetta Watkins Enzor Advertisements
7 Mrs O J Mambry Personals

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